Michael-AstrachanMichael Astrachan

President | Creative Director

Michael Astrachan has been involved in the visual arts for over twenty-five years and is one of the founders of XVIVO LLC, a leader in the field of scientific animation.  As head of the creative team at XVIVO, Michael brings to animation a sophisticated knowledge of artistic naturalism, grounded in strong technique. Michael draws upon his extensive fine arts background and leads his team to develop visually compelling animations of scientific content.

Michael has vast experience across a wide range of medical and scientific disciplines including oncology, pulmonology, dermatology and cardiology.  He has developed and directed mechanism of disease and mechanism of action animations for pharmaceutical clients such as Genentech, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, EMD Serono, Inc., Takeda Pharmaceutical and for biotech and device companies such as KCI, PDL Biopharma, Dendreon, Antigenics, Sirion Therapeutics, Medtronic and Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Michael also has been involved in many medical educational projects, developing work for museums, broadcasters and universities.  Among those clients are Nobel Prize winner Kerry Mullis, theoretical physicist Brian Green and Harvard Professor of the Practice of Molecular and Cellular Biology Rob Lue, who commissioned XVIVO to develop the ground-breaking “Inner Life of the Cell” for Biovisions.  Recently, Michael was invited to join the task force for the “Encyclopedia of Life” Project at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.  In spring 2009, Michael presented as a main stage speaker at the Innovation Expo ‘09, in London.  He is currently working with a team of health educators, physicians and artists to develop innovative tools for future health initiatives.

XVIVO X-tra on Michael:

  • Monkey mind don’t fail me now
  • Talent = 90 percent Perspiration + 10 percent Inspiration
  • Wants to be reincarnated as Romeo, my wife’s dog.
  • The roshi always cleans the latrines
  • Working on setting my laser printer to stun

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